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Everyone has their own unique style and design preferences when it comes to their home décor. There are so many different trends and styles that it’s hard to keep track sometimes. No matter what your design preference is though, there are always three simple things you can do to make your home feel like new again. Here are a few things we suggest doing if your home needs a little pick-me-up.

1. Add Fresh Flowers

One very simple way to brighten up your home is to add fresh flowers! This is one of the best ways to make your home look and feel crisp and clean. Flowers are an easy, cost effective addition to any room in your home. Replace them weekly or biweekly for a fun change to your existing décor!

2. Burn a Candle

Few things can make a home feel fresh as effectively as a candle. The burning of a candle makes your house smell great and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Candles are something that you can never own enough of. Next time your home needs a little something extra, light a candle and you’ll notice the difference instantly!


There are so many great places in our area to pick up beautiful fresh plants and flowers and wonderful home fragrances.  One of our favorites is Pete’s Greenhouse.

3. Organize

It is very hard to make a cluttered home feel fresh and clean. Organization is key! One practice that can be implemented is to have your things organized and put away in cabinets or drawers. The less clutter on tables and counter tops the better. Try putting a cutting board on your counter top and setting necessary items on top of it instead of having them strung out. You’ll be amazed by the change this simple hack produces!

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