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When you buy a home, you are not the only one getting to enjoy the amenities of a new house and the neighborhood, your dog is also getting a new place to live. So, not only does the neighborhood you buy your home in need to be people friendly, but it also needs to be dog friendly.


What makes a neighborhood dog friendly?


  • Are there other dogs out and about?
  • Is it in close proximity to a dog park?
  • Are there walking trails?
  • Is it easy to find a veterinarian or a pet supply store nearby?


Here are some of the top dog-friendly neighborhoods around Amarillo:


The Greenways

Located between Soncy and Coulter, the Greenways is one of the best neighborhoods to live in if you have dogs. There are several walking trails that encourage not only the residents of the neighborhood to exercise, but also provides them the perfect location to let their furry friends get in a good workout. For the dogs, you will find pet waste stations along the trails and at Greenways Park so that you can be courteous to your neighbors. Right behind the Greenways off of Soncy, you will find Le Chateau Pet Resort so you don’t need to go too far to pamper your pooch. Coulter Animal Hospital is also right up the street, so when an emergency strikes, help is only 3 minutes away. [Related: The Greenways Neighborhood Guide]


The Colonies

Your dogs will love the Colonies! Located in Southwest Amarillo, there may not be a more “pedestrian friendly” neighborhood in town. With all of the sidewalks, bridges, and beautiful architecture such as the clock tower, taking your dog for a walk will be something you both enjoy! The neighborhood also has a pet directory for its residents. All you have to do is fill out your pets’ information on the Colonies website and add a picture, then everyone in the neighborhood will know that your pup belongs to you. [Related: The Colonies Neighborhood Guide]


City View

City View is ranked in the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Amarillo! That means it is safe for everyone in the family, including your furry children. With sidewalks lining the streets, your dog will love to go on walks. The houses in City View have nice sized back yards with wooden fences to keep them safe in the backyard. If your dog does get away from home, the City View Neighborhood Website has a lost and found pets section to help get them back home. It is always good to have a nearby vet clinic and Yarbrough Veterinary Clinic is a convenient 5 minutes away. A great groomer, Shaggy to Chic Pet Salon is also right around the corner.



Overall, Amarillo is an extremely pet-friendly city, offering any service or meeting any need that your pup could ever have! Here are some other places around town that your dog is sure to love:






Posh Paws Pet Spa & Resort


John Stiff Memorial Park


Critter Camp Pet Boarding


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