I am emailing you today because of the awesome experience of selling/buying a home with Sherry Palmer. In a situation like this several things happen; anticipation of selling, buying, waiting, money etc. Sherry worked above and beyond what I have ever seen in a Realtor. Sherry did not try to rubber stamp a sale/buy. Sherry jumped in and lived the experience with us. I am very certain Sherry sacrificed family and home time to help us sell/buy a home. We were probably emotional basket cases throughout the entire process and looked like goobers. However each house we looked at Sherry was there smiling and understanding. I have already referred her services to a fellow co-worker. When we met the buyer and Realtor of our former home both of them mentioned on separate occasions of the quality of Sherry as a realtor. Sherry did an awesome job, even though there are a couple things left to finish up the process. I felt it necessary to email you and let you know how much we appreciated Sherry.

- Michael Francis
Amarillo, TX