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It’s that time of year again, folks! After that cold, windy, West Texas winter, we’ve got dusty houses, cluttered gutters, and dead plants galore.

We can hear SPRING CLEANING calling our names!

Let’s be real, May is perhaps the busiest time of year and maybe the most exciting, too! Even so, home maintenance is a must (whether you are selling your house or not) Those Panhandle dust storms left us no choice but to stand armored with the tools needed to brighten up our homes and spring into spring the right way! So grab your tools and let’s get to it!

Bump up some tunes and get that cardio in.

Vacuuming can burn up to 200 calories in an hour; who doesn’t like the sound of that? Dust the light fixtures, the shelves, here, there and everywhere in between. Wash those sheets, flip those mattresses and open those blinds to let the light shine through.


We acquire so much over a year’s time. Donate old clothes/toys/furniture locally to GoodwillHabitat for Humanity, and Cal Farley’s: it’s a win-win for everyone!
Ahhhhh, it already feels better!

Crank up that AC.

It gets a bit HOT out here…make sure that bad boy is ready for action; call a local vendor if you so choose so they can inspect it and get you hooked up!  (A day visit usually costs around $100). Clean interior filters allow for more efficient use, too. Consider putting in a programmable thermostat. It saves a load of money on energy bills!

Play inspector.

Examine roof shingles to determine if any were damaged during the winter, or if any might get damaged in the harsh summer sun. Flashing around skylights, chimneys, and plumbing vents can be repaired by a qualified roofer. While you’re at it, have the chimney flue cleaned and inspected too!

Grab a ladder.

Even with the lack of trees, our gutters still get nasty. Winter detritus, leaves, and yucky muck have been collecting in there all year, so we’ve got to scoop that goop out, and pray for more rain!

Speaking of water…

Fill the low areas of your yard with compacted soil. Around this area, we know it’s true that spring rains can cause yard flooding, and a ripple effect of foundation flooding and damage occurs! We don’t want that.
Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage by placing your thumb over the opening. If you can stop the flow, it’s likely that the pipe inside the home is damaged.
Then check your sprinklers and let ‘er rip!

Fill cracks.

Grab some silicone caulk and fill concrete cracks. While you’re out, use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows, doors, and decks, and repair before more rain hits!

Aim and fire!

Pressure washing is a great way to quickly and efficiently rid our houses of dirt build-up and bugs. While we’re at, let’s wash the windows…or hire someone in the area!

Smell that FRESH air!

Plant some flowers, mow the lawn, clear the deck, and invite some friends over for a barbeque. Isn’t life so much more enjoyable with a relaxed, fresh environment?


We know it’s not what most of us want to do on a Sunday afternoon, but once we’ve conquered the home maintenance, summer is OH! so much more delightful! Triangle wants you to love where you live, so check out our Triangle Realty App for a list of helpful vendors.
Cheers to a clean, happy summertime!

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