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Triangle Realty has many tools to service both buyers and sellers to not only make the whole buying or selling process smooth, but to also create a strong relationship. If our clients walk away from the closing table satisfied with the transaction and our efforts, then we know we’ve done our job. The key to this we believe is thorough communication. One tool we like to use is what we call an SLR. Below are a few questions and answers to help clarify how we use this to service with our seller clients.

What is an SLR?

SLR stands for Summary Listing Report. These reports are something our agents sometimes do for our clients for their listing clients to communicate marketing efforts. While this document is made up of a list of costs, it is not a bill for the client. It is a tool we use to let our clients know how we are putting real marketing dollars towards advertising their property. These reports may be sent out monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. We want our clients to be up to date with our marketing efforts towards their property, and know that we are continuously working to exceed their expectations!

What will be listed on an SLR?

A few things that you may see on one of our SLRs may include “Property Professionally Photographed”, “Property was featured in the Triangle Realty monthly e-newsletter”, and “An e-mail blast was sent to all potential buyers in our database interested in your type of property”. We also include property showings, inquiries, open houses, and price reductions. You will be informed of everything going on concerning your property.

Is it a bill?

An SLR is NOT a bill, this is just our way of summarizing, reporting, and recording your listing. Most of the costs listed in an SLR are paid with marketing budget of Triangle Realty or the Agent. Strong communication is the key to any successful business relationship and we believe this method is a clear and concise way to show our clients how we are working for them.

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