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Some reasons for choosing to board horses are simple–some horse owners love their horses but live in a city or part of town that does not allow them to keep a horse on their property. There are many horse lovers who just don’t have the option to care for their horse at home. However, some people do have the land to take care of the horse, but still face the decision:

Home care or boarding?

For these people, time is often the challenge. Horses take a lot of work, and horse owners who adore their horses but become busy with school, work, and other activities may find that they aren’t able to give their horse the attention they want to. For these horse owners, the option to board their horse allows them to know their horse is being well-cared for, and the rider does not have to worry about picking up new feed and bedding, or moving the horse from the pasture to a secure barn or vice versa. Instead, when these riders can visit their horses, they can give them their full attention and not feel rushed, because they know all their horse’s needs are being met.

Another main reason some riders and owners choose to board their horses is to keep their horses at a social facility. A social horse may become lonely in a large pasture, even if it has plenty of space, food, and care. Some horses just love being around others, and the ability to leave a single, private stall and socialize with other horses in a field or ring can be important to a horse’s wellbeing.

Horse boarding can also act as a transitional period for new owners. Boarding is a fantastic option for new horse owners who aren’t sure they can handle full responsibility for their new companion. Boarding can allow new riders and owners to develop a relationship with their horse while learning about proper horse care before they take it home, or while they prepare their at-home area for the arrival of their new friend.

Of course, boarding can be more expensive than having a horse at your home, depending on a few factors. Supplies like feed, blankets, and hay cost money at your home or an equestrian facility, and the time it takes to properly care for horses is another expense that boarding factors in. But while the month-to-month cost of boarding may seem higher than it would be at your home, you also have to consider at-home repairs and maintenance to your horse facility. Boarding also offers peace of mind to owners who want to know their horse will be cared for, even if the unexpected happens–even small things like a bad flu can keep you from giving your horse the care it needs.


Below are just a few of the boarding options available to those in the Amarillo or Canyon area.

  1. Lone Star Bed & Bale
    • 500 US Hwy 287, Claude, TX 79019
    • 806-944-5324
  2. K2 Riding Facility- Foss Farms
    • 17201 Old Ranch Rd, Canyon, TX 79015
    • 806-640-8046
  3. The Big Texan- Horse Hotel
    • 7701 Interstate 40 Access Rd, Amarillo, TX 79118
    • 806-372-6000
  4. Liles Horse Boarding
    • 12805 S. Western St, Amarillo, TX 79118
    • 806-622-0272
  5. 2 T Arena
    • 15681 County Road 298, Canyon, TX 79015
    • 806-683-1099

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