Our Team Members, Licensed In State: TX, NM, OK, CO

When we started Triangle Realty, we had the vision to be a homegrown real estate team that goes above and beyond at every possible opportunity for our clients. We love what we do and we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of integrity and professionalism to ensure our clients feel supported and valued at all times.

Getting to know our clients is an essential part of our process. So, we thought we’d start by telling you a bit about ourselves.

The Haynes Team is a diverse mix of passionate individuals with complimenting strengths, that when combined, create the true “A” team. With backgrounds in agriculture, each member of the Haynes Team is knowledgeable and well-versed in the subjects of hard work and customer service.

Years of farm and ranch experience, creative design work, administrative expertise, and progressive thinking make the Haynes Team a concrete group, suited to serve your real estate needs. We are licensed in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

E-mail: us@trianglerealtyllc.com | Office Phone: 806-513-5055


Understand your property’s true worth from looking at a comparable market analysis (CMA), evaluating market trends and having real-world, regional expertise to guide you on pricing to fit your needs right now.

Advice on a full range of approaches to maximize the value of your property, including potential improvements, repairs, possible divisions, and even proven auction alternatives.

The Difference

Our Database
We don’t just deliver qualified leads. We put our extensive database, including customer interest, preferred location, budget, size, amenities, etc. to work for you proactively matching buyers and sellers to get you results.

Professional Photography
First impressions matter, and in a sea of listings, it is more important than ever to showcase your property with professional photography that catches buyers’ eyes the first time.

Aerial Video Production
Our in-house video team armed with a full-range of professional audio and video equipment, including drone-powered technology, capture the best your property has to offer and craft tailor-made video productions to get your property noticed.

Property Staging
With a professional home stager on speed-dial and an expansive inventory of captivating home furnishings, part of our service to you includes doing all we can to make your home as appealing to buyers as possible, inside and out.

Interactive Digital Mapping
The more information we can provide buyers about your property, the better. So, our team highlights all of the features of your property in an interactive map which includes street level imagery and satellite mapping.

Custom Marketing Materials
From property brochures and flyers to impactful direct mail pieces, no two marketing campaigns for a Triangle Realty listing are alike because no two properties are alike.

Web Addresses Just for You
The best property materials are only useful if buyers know how to find them. Our digital team explores the possibility of custom web addresses that simplify navigation directly to your property.

Social Media
Our well-established Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter followings are put to work for you, pushing your property out to our entire sphere of influence and beyond.

Digital Advertising
In a digital world, our marketing efforts online must be everything we do through traditional channels, and more! From responsive mobile landing pages to texting keywords, we are always working to generate interest and capture online leads.

Seven-Person Team at Your Service
With the Haynes Team at Triangle Realty, you don’t just get one agent, you get a team of 7 highly motivated individuals with vast property specialty experience who provide expertise in marketing, residential, farm and ranch land, administrative prowess, traditional and digital marketing backgrounds, and creative design abilities all combined with a broker with an unparalleled sales record. On the Haynes team, we cover all the bases to get the best outcome for you!

Game Cameras
For qualified recreational hunting properties, our team will install live game cameras as well as feeders and supply the feed just to capture and post live wildlife imagery to further attract our target audience.


The number one complaint clients have about their experience with their real estate agent is a lack of communication... With the Haynes Team, you get a group committed to communication with our clients.

As a client, some of the feedback you can expect includes:

  • Regular analytical reports on website traffic and property views
  • Monthly "Service Listing Reports" (SLRs) that detail our marketing efforts, associated costs on the part of our team, which enables you to see, in real dollars, the work being done to promote your listing.
  • Scheduled calls with our entire team to discuss advertising efforts, possible open houses, property interest, feedback from showings, and property pricing.
  • Any member of our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via text message.

Your Needs

From your individual requirements to your budget, we take all things into consideration when searching for the perfect property. Whether you are searching for a recreational hunting place for your family or a new home, we will counsel you on all of the factors important to you in your quest for the perfect property

Expertise & Diversification

The Haynes Team includes seven agents with more than 100 years of combined sales experience, ranging from agriculture to design. With a diverse combination of skill sets and the commitment to going above and beyond, we are equipped to meet any request.

Deeply rooted in small towns across west Texas, we are engaged in our local communities and are ready and willing to put our extensive connections to work for you.

Education/Understanding the Process

Whether a first-time home-buyer or a seasoned land investor, we will help you navigate the purchasing process. For our team, an educated and informed client is vital to a successful outcome. So, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to understand your expectations and your desires throughout the process and to keep you informed every step of the way.

With the Haynes Team, you can trust that your satisfaction is our top priority. So, we’ll always present you with all of the information available and stay by your side every step of the way. Not only will we help you identify the property perfectly suited to your needs – when the time comes to make an offer, we’ll ensure you’re ready to buy!

The Search

As we’ve all heard when speaking of any number of businesses, “It’s all about the people!” Real estate is no different. So, choose the Haynes Team and put our incomparable personal relationships and client database to work for you. Our fingers are on the pulse of real estate markets in communities across our region and we are often working behind the scenes with buyers and sellers of properties long before they are ever officially on the market.


It would be wonderful if the world ran on regular office hours, but we understand and embrace the fact that real life isn’t so neat. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we’re here for you when you need us with seven licensed agents ready show you listings, answer your questions on your time frame, and chase down the information you need. Our large team gives us an edge over other real estate agents because our clients know that our team is at your service any time of day, enabling us to preview properties, run analytics, research neighboring properties, analyze inspection reports, and more to make your experience more efficient and ultimately match you with the property most suited to you.

The Deal

Identifying potential properties, showings, offers, and negotiations may be the glamorous part of buying a property, but once you have a property under contract, the real work begins! And that’s when the Haynes Team can really shine. With our team of experienced, detail-oriented negotiators, we work to ensure that no detail is missed as we work to get your purchase closed. From home inspections and repairs, to further negotiations, surveys, and move-in dates, no one is better equipped with the resources, the knowledge, the experience, and the enthusiasm to get your deal across the finish line and get keys in your hand. We’re committed to handling all of the details behind the curtain so that our clients have the most seamless, stress-free experience possible. And when things get shaky (and they often do with any purchase), we’re right there in the trenches with you, working through every aspect of your deal. We won’t rest until we’ve exceeded your expectations, and that’s why our clients come back again and again!

After Closing

Our work doesn’t end when you’ve signed on the dotted line – just as our clients invest in us, we invest in the people we serve. Through the ups and sometimes downs of the buying process, our team forms strong bonds with our clients. We have ‘walked through the fire’ together and made it out the other side, and these relationships endure. We are proud to call our past clients friends and are always available moving forward. Our ultimate goal is that our clients see us as a trusted resource to turn to when any real estate need arises.

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