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Are you or someone you know planning on remodeling their kitchen, or bathroom? Now days there are so many different materials to choose from to get the best bang for your buck. Below we have given the most trending countertops in the industry today. With these materials are some facts that might just help when deciding on what material works best for your home. We love looking at the different ways clients update their homes.

Eco-Friendly Composite – This particular surface will inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist stains, scratches and heat. Many colors to pick from.
Natural Granite – Granite surfaces are the most common and popular in today’s time. These countertops are durable, heat resistant for meal prep & low maintenance. The benefits of Granite are, they come in an array of colors, and they can last a lifetime. Although they are a more expensive material, they will increase the value of any home they find their way into.
Durable Engineered Stone – Engineered stone is the same amazing look of granite, or marble but made with 93% quartz particles. These countertops are scratch, stain and heat resistant with little maintenance. These countertops are most common in homes that are bought and sold quickly.
Classic Butcher Block – Butcher block countertops are timeless, warm and wonderful for chopping and cutting during meal prep. Although they are timeless, these countertops scratch and burn quite easily, but those problems are easy to repair by sanding the spots down and applying mineral oil. Butcher Block counters are on the more expensive end as well. They take time to install and treat before they are able to be used.
Upscale Laminate – Looking for the same look of granite, but don’t have the budget to purchase them. The new look in laminate is quite intriguing. They are very low maintenance, but not heat resistant and tend to scratch and chip a little easier than any other countertop in this group.
Concrete – This new trend is more than likely the hottest trend on the market. They offer one of kind design and can accommodate any idea, color, or texture you desire. With concrete surfaces, you can even add in stone pieces, or embellishments to your liking. You will need a little extra time to let these surfaces sit and dry, but it is well worth the wait! Concrete counters are beautiful when finished.
Solid Surface (Low-Maintenance) – More bang for your buck with solid surface countertops. These types of countertops are durable, and very easy to maintain. They hold up to materials like granite, quartz, concrete or even glass. Common kitchen items like knives, and hot pans can sometimes damage solid surfaces, but the look is remarkable for the price you pay!
Marble – Would you like the look of mismatching your kitchen island to stovetop counter space, with marble that is a great idea. Marble is not as durable or scratch resistant as some other materials, but is smooth, and cool which is ideal for that baker in your family! Upscale your center island with for the “center piece” of your kitchen. There will always be something to talk about.
Soapstone – As with some other materials listed above, the soapstone has quite the cool feature. These countertops become more beautiful with age, darkening over time for a dramatic appearance. It will not absorbs stains and discolorations therefore it does not require sealers.
Classic Tile – Tile always offers a wide variety of colors and textures. This is also a cost effective way to install granite countertops for a fraction of the price. Although with these types of surfaces they are a little more high maintenance with the grouting and are also known to crack.
Stainless Steel – These are stylish and very easy to clean, they are modern and very durable. Only down side to these is they are not scratch resistant!
View all of these options with examples at HGTV!
There are benefits and disadvantages to each trendy material listed above. It all depends on how much you would like to spend, and what you would like to achieve with your remodel. With the materials listed above you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $150 per square foot. This is wide range for cost, but the cost usually depends on the color, texture, the rarity of the stone, and how much you purchase. You can also see more pros and cons of trending countertops here at the HOUZZ.com

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