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  1.  Here at Triangle, we had record breaking sales in January and February. Buyers are ready to purchase in February (and want to close “in the spring”), however some Sellers think they should wait until April or May to list – which of course is when EVERYONE decides to put their houses on the market. More inventory in the spring means more competition and it’s not beneficial if you’re a seller.
  2.  Buyers who are willing to brave the chilling wind and even snow to go house hunting are serious. They aren’t just looky-loos or nosy neighbors. They are motivated and ready to make a move.
  3.  If you’ve got a fireplace and cozy living room or a backyard that isn’t great for entertaining, your house might actually look better during the winter months. Cuddly blankets on the couch and delicious scented candles might just create the ideal atmosphere to make your home more attractive to buyers.
  4.  With the new year comes new goals. Many of us look at the arrival of January as a time of new beginnings. So in between visits to the gym and eating healthy food, a new home purchase might be just the thing to ring in a new year. And if you’ve been meaning to downsize or move up in a home, this might be your opportunity for a new beginning, too!
  5.  If you’ve invested in making your home energy efficient, winter is the perfect time to show that energy efficiency off. Potential buyers who live in drafty houses and cringe when the gas bill arrives will undoubtedly welcome a high-efficiency furnace, new windows and quality attic insulation.
  6.  Fewer properties on the market means it’s easier for your home to stand out. If you’re one of only a few houses on the market in your neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly get more people at open houses, too.
  7.  Curb appeal matters, and turning on your twinkly lights is so much easier than weeding your garden every day! Of course, you’ll need to shovel and use generous amounts of snow melt when it snows, but isn’t that better than mowing the lawn every day? For more home maintenance tips, see our blog Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!
  8.  Fewer showings. I know, that sounds counter-productive, but do you really want 50 people trudging through your house? I would rather have 15 qualified and motivated buyers any day.


If you’re thinking about selling or just want to find out what your home is worth, get in touch with us at Triangle Realty. It’s never too early to start planning for your sale!


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